About Us

The Future Grid Research Program is a major research collaboration between CSIRO and four Australian universities that aims to develop the nation's capacity to plan and design the most efficient, low emission electricity grid for Australia. It will deliver the first analytical framework of its kind for Australian electricity and natural gas networks.

Led by the University of Sydney, the program involves each participating university managing a major research project and working with CSIRO to develop a new suite of tools to understand, develop and optimise energy grids of the future. These tools will help decision makers to make better informed choices about future grid development.

Participating Universities

  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Newcastle
  • The University of Queensland
  • The University of New South Wales

The Importance of Collaboration

The Future Grid Forum

An important and essential aspect of the research is ongoing collaboration with energy industry stakeholders to ensure the work is relevant and the findings are applicable.

One of the mechanisms for this has already been established with CSIRO's leadership - the Future Grid Forum (FGF). FGF participants include electricity generators, transmission and distribution network operators, energy retailers, end-user customer representatives, regulators and governments.

The FGF combines whole system expertise with sophisticated economic modelling technologies to map out future scenarios for the Australian electricity system. The Future Grid Research Program will build on the findings of the FGF

The Industry Reference Group

An Industry Reference Group has been established with interested stakeholders to provide guidance on the direction of the research, feedback as the research progresses and to share insights between the project team and industry stakeholders. Members of the group will share their deep specialist knowledge and broad understanding of the electricity (and gas) transmission and distribution sectors, and their ability to think critically and creatively about how these sectors could and should develop in the future. Contact is maintained with meetings throughout the year at regular intervals and informal communication as required for the research.

Industry Reference Group Members are:
Mr Stephen Clark, Executive General Manager, System Planning, Transgrid;
Mr Paul Dunn, Director, Networks, Australian Energy Regulator;
Mr John Gaskell, Director, Electrical and Information Engineering Foundation, USyd;
Mr Tim George, Queensland Regional Manager, DIgSILENT;
Mr Rainer Korte, Executive Manager, Asset Management, Electranet;
Dr Ashok Manglick, Director, Manglick & Associates;
Mr Frank Montiel, Manager, National Planning, Australian Energy Market Operator;
Dr Timothy Nelson, Head of Economics, Policy & Sustainability, AGL;
Dr Colin Parker, Consultant, ex transmission planning, Transgrid;
Dr John Sligar, Director, Sligar & Associates; and
Mr Wayne Tucker, General Manager, Strategic Asset Management, TasNetworks.