All Energy Conference, 7th October 2015

The Future Grid Research Cluster presented a session at the All Energy Conference in Melbourne on October 7, 2015. The presentation can be downloaded or viewed from the following links:

Future Grid 2: Electricity Users and the Future Grid: Dependence, Independence, or Interdependence? CSIRO Future Grid Collaborate Research Cluster Project Update

7th Oct 2015, 3:23 P.M - 4:45 P.M

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

The promise (or threat?) of residential customers disconnecting from the grid in the foreseeable future is an increasingly topical issue for electricity consumers and “the industry” alike. Whether full disconnection, or just reduced consumption from the grid, it raises important questions. Is what is “viable” for an individual consumer the best outcome for the economy as a whole? What about other consumers? And the environment? What are the implications of these and other “disruptive” trends for grid stability, security, reliability, and ultimately, viability?

Despite these and other disruptions, the grid will continue to play an essential – and changing - role in moving energy between producers and users. And because of these disruptions, astute and effective policy making and regulation is now more than ever needed to guide the transition from the grid-as-we-know-it to the future-grid.

The presentations and panel discussion by the Researchers from the CSIRO FutureGrid research cluster will provide context, analysis and insights into these important issues.