Future Grid Flagship Cluster Milestone Reports

Cluster Collaborative Research between CSIRO, The University of Sydney, The University of Newcastle, The University of Queensland and The University of New South Wales.

Cluster Project Objectives

The project aims to provide a modelling framework for the future Australian electricity grid out to 2050. The model needs to analyse beyond energy balancing to include grid power flows, stability implications, security and resilience to changing technologies. Scenarios for levels and placement of renewable generation, different transmission and topologies, differing load management and storage technologies will be considered. The scenarios to be modelled will be determined by the Cluster informed by CSIRO. However, the emphasis is on studying a diverse range of grids and assessing their performance and security in terms of balancing power, stability and vulnerability to collapse. Impacts of technology and policy change will also be assessed.

The Milestone Reports for each of the Cluster Projects are provided below.