Research Industry Symposium Presentations: 18 March 2015

The Future Grid Cluster held a second Research Industry Symposium at the University of Sydney. Researchers and speakers from the energy industry and government presented on a range of issues affecting the development of Australia's electricity and gas transmission networks.

Please find the presentations below:

Industry Speakers:

  • Thomas Dargue, AEMO

    Thomas Dargue is the Acting Manager of Supply Forecasting with the Australian Energy Market Operator. He has previously held roles in market analysis and risk with Queensland generators and in retail.

    The Supply Forecasting team with AEMO is responsible for the delivery of some of the key planning documents including the Electricity Statement of Opportunity, Gas Statement of Opportunity as well as market modelling.

  • Mark Stedwell, AEMO

    Mark Stedwell manages the Systems Capability Group in Operations at AEMO. The Systems Capability Group monitor and improve the capability of the NEM to ensure secure and reliable operation. In this role Mark is the Jurisdictional System Security Co-ordinator (JSSC) for Victoria. Mark has a background in the development and implementation of large-scale energy storage and renewable energy technologies and projects. Mark worked as a management consultant prior to joining AEMO.

  • Danny De Schutter, ARENA

    Danny De Schutter is General Manager Strategy with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. He joined ARENA from The Boston Consulting Group, where he was a project leader in their Public Sector practice. Danny has nearly 20 years of consulting experience with Accenture and other companies. Danny holds a Masters in Commerce and Engineering from the University of Antwerp, Belgium and J.W. Goethe Institut, Germany.

Future Grid Cluster Project Research Topics: